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[OH!Snap] [Naver:KRN] Winner, Park Boram, Red Velvet..exceptionally strong rookies

[+5236, -1107] Winner was more than I expected… Their songs are so good… YG kids all have amazing ability

[+4518, -1056] Out of these, Winner are the ones with the best skill.

[+4053, -878] Winner may be rookies but they are like professionals and their songs were good too

[+5352, -2333] Not Red Velvet ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ SM shit

[+3685, -774] Winner’s ‘EMPTY’ was truly amazing

[+765, -212] Red Velvet courteously and sneakily made their way in there huh… if it wasn’t SM they would be completely buried…..

[+715, -164] Mamamoo over Red Velvet

[+670, -150] Mamamoo»Red Velvet. Acknowledge it.

- Naver

translated by: lunaandartemis @


[OH!Snap] [Naver:KRN] SM, YG & JYP’s first half of year sales total an all time high

[+3529, -223] To be honest, SM and YG, they’ve both put in approximately the same amount of consideration (to their work)..If you count the three companies, JYP does come inbetween them, but SM and YG have a considerable difference.

[+3585, -735] Even with YG bribing the prosecutor with money for Bom’s case

[+3019, -676] So they have a lot of money, that’s how they smoothed over Bom’s drug incident.

[+2500, -588] Pharmacy Family have a lot of money so the prosecution is in their hands right? Whilst being like a crime-group, Yang Hyun Suk comes out on broadcast pretending he has some kind of idea on “image making”.

[+2080, -382] I guess I now know the reason B.I. said “my company has more money than yours” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you have money then you don’t have to go to prison, even for drugs

[+485, -129] YG must have used 1000 hundred million of that on just media play.

[+428, -87] SM is number 1. The sales of all three of them together may be 2230 hundred million but SM alone made more than half of that.

[+335, -90] YG bribe the press with that money, and bribe the prosecutors with money, and smooth over the weed issues and smooth over heroin issues with moneyㅎㅎ

- Naver

translated by: lunaandartemis @


[OH!Snap] [Naver: KRN] ‘Abnormal Summit’ Zhang Yuan “Understanding Tyler’s advanced vocabulary is difficult”

On the September 1st broadcast of the 9th episode of JTBC ‘Abnormal Summit’, the G11 disclosed that they find it difficult to understand Tyler.

"It’s not that I’m going out of my way to use difficult words. When I was in college I wasn’t really able to play much so I didn’t learn a lot of natural Korean. I learned through books. So when I want to say something, I can only think of difficult words," Tyler explained.

To this, Zhang Yuan stated, “When Tyler talks, it’s a bit hard to understand.”

Robin, “I only understand 10% [of what he says]. I just go blank.”

"When I go home, I search up the meaning of what he said," Sam Otswiri stated, causing laughter.


[+2028, -8] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Tyler’s knowlege just flows out.

[+1763, -11] Tyler seems to speak Korean better than Koreans do….amazing!!

[+1717, -10] ㅋㅋ But still, I’m thankful seeing how much Tyler knows about Korean history.

[+1317, -8] Half advanced, half beginnerㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (T/N: Talking about the separation in the last frame of the photo)

[+1108, -151] Tyler [speaks] in a more proper way than Koreans. I want to learn this from him!!

[+192, -10] Unexpectedly, Zhang Yuan can’t speak Korean very well ㅋ Since he was a Office Worker in Korea, I thought he’d be pretty good. ㅋ But still, the Abnormal kids all seem nice.

[+163, -1] His pronunciation is nearly at the level of a Korean…

[+153, -0] I’m jealous. When I want to express myself in an educated way, I can’t think of any difficult words.

[+140, -2] Sam is so funnyㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Going home and searching ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can imagine it.

[+127, -2] I’m always thankful to Tyler. I often get the feeling that he understands Korea more than Korean people do.

[+103, -2] Tyler is such a genius ㅠㅠ

- Naver

Translator: YOONGI @


[OH!Snap] [Naver: KRN] ‘Infinite Dream’ Yoon Hoo, towards Suzy “You’re not my style” explosive laughter

Today on the live broadcast of MBC’s special show ‘Infinite Dream’, Yoon Hoo showed his embarrassed side more than his nervous side.

At this, his father Yoon Min Soo said jokingly, “Yoon Hoo-ya, what’s the matter? Is it because Suzy noona is so pretty? Is noona your style?”

To this Yoon Hoo replied, “Nope,” causing laughter.


[+15569, -689] Ah, that made me crack up ㅋㅋ Out of all the men in Korea, there are only a few who can stand in front of Suzy and say she’s not their style. So cool, Yoon Hoo ㅋㅋㅋ

[+10563, -276] Hoo is so pure and cute.

[+8401, -221] Ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yoon Hoo is so cute ♥

[+5695, -129] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This article went up super fast *shivers*

[+5006, -1800] Hul, saying that to Suzy……

[+770, -64] Cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s a statement only Hoo could make….

[+694, -83] But Hoo-ya, you kept glancing at her?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Minyul is so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+692, -84] I think he said that because he was embarrassed ㅋㅋㅋ

[+482, -44] Looking at the title, I thought Yoon Hoo said it just like that. But reading the article, it was actually that Yoon Min Soo asked him and he said “No” without thinking.

[+333, -102] Hoo-ya, when you grow up you’ll regret having said that ㅋㅋ

[+543, -42] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hoo is cute ♥

- Naver

Translator: YOONGI @


[OH!Snap] [Yahoo!: JPN] Aoki Eri & Saaya get Dengue Fever on location at Yoyogi Park

On September 1st, TBS News revealed that talents Aoki Eri (25) and Saaya (20) have come down with Dengue Fever after appearing on location for “King’s Brunch” at Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park on August 21st.

It appears that the two were bitten by mosquitos while filming on location and are currently receiving treatment.

On August 27th, the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare announced that a Saitama woman who had no history of traveling abroad had come down with Dengue Fever. The last time someone in Japan was infected domestically with the illness was in 1945; 70 years ago, the current record.

On August 28th it was then revealed a man from Tokyo and another woman from Saitama were infected with Dengue Fever; neither of which had a history of traveling abroad. All current victims appear to have been bitten by mosquitos at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. As of 5pm on the 28th, the city has blockaded the park to begin terminating the mosquitos.


[+6523, -480] We’re making all panicking about the Dengue Fever, but Ebola is one hundred times scarier.

[+3511, -362] Dengue Fever seems to be spreading, so to prevent mosquitos from biting us I think it’s necessary to take precautions and start using the insecticide spray everywhere.

[+868, -502] Kids play at nursery school and parks, so this has me a little worried. And the unsuspecting people who just happen to stroll through the park…well I’m full of endless worries for these people. It’s hard to make a general announcement, but I want these people to know maybe they can put something at the nearest stations.

[+853, -267] … I can’t help but think of how often talents go abroad with their staff, maybe they’re the cause of this….

[+417, -357] I didn’t know any talents were infected. I don’t know the order in what happened, but if they chose that location after this information was leaked, then that’s just awful.

[+305, -18] I just think they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

[+293, -29] It’s a pity for those infected, but we need to think more about how this happened considering no one in Japan has been infected domestically for 70 years. I’m not sure if insecticide is our only answer. This is a tough break for TBS

[+290, -48] I’ve lived in Japan for more than 30 years and I never thought I would be worried about mosquitos biting me. They aren’t bringing global warming into this much, but the environment is changing and they should really take a look into this aspect.

[+193, -35] I heard on the news the other day that this summer is so hot that there are no mosquitos in Osaka, it’s like they’re all in Tokyo at Yoyogi Park. It’s possible that kids enjoying their summer vacation may have been bitten. There seems to be an incubation period for the illness, so I can only imagine that we’re going to get even more reports of people being sick….

[+149, -84] Wasn’t the producer bitten too~?

- Yahoo

Translated by: Kanki @ OneHallyu


[OH!Snap] [Yahoo!: JPN] 23 year old Mano Erina gets mistaken for a child

On August 31st Mano Erina attended a press event for her new photobook “ZERO”. When asked about her future activities in the entertainment industry she replied, “I’m already 23 years old, so I would like to try doing some things that are more adult-like.”

Mano revealed that during a trip to London she was mistaken for a child. Mano said this happened while she was eating breakfast at her hotel, “I guess I looked really young. A foreigner with a particularly nice moustache came up to me and said, ‘Yogurt will make your body big and strong, so you should try eating that’. He said this, implying that I was small and needed to grow up and be big and strong someday. But I guess it’s because I don’t look like I’m 23.”


[+1316, -203] These days it’s hard to sell solo merchandise as an idol.

[+1126, - 242] She looks cute, but it’s all in the make-up. It’s a strategy her agency uses.

[+221, -22] I don’t want to see her more adult-like, not at all

[+207, -180] Umm.. No matter how you look at it, her looking 23 is well… Maybe if she tried to look older. When adults are at an age like that and they try to look like a kid or really young, it’s just gross. So please stop.

[+200, -117] Today’s last, but most ‘no one cares’ news story has arrived

[+198, -16] This doesn’t surprise me at all, because most foreigners think most Japanese girls look like they’re 10 years old. When I was 20 and staying in a homestay abroad, they said I looked 13.

[+180, -30] Well her appearance is definitely cute. But the real question is, ‘does cute sell?’

[+149, -59] Mano-chan is cute. She’s also good at acting, so I hope she does her best

[+108, -31] She’s cuter than the girls in AKB, but she’s not selling anything. I guess it’s because her agency is crap.

[+98, -6] Honestly, she should be happy…

- Yahoo

Translated by: Kanki @


[OH!Snap] [QQ: CHN] Collaborating with Amber Kuo means you will go downhill? Julian Cheung: It’s not fair to her

As male stars who have worked with Amber Kuo in the past such as Jaycee Chan (“Love Speaks”), Kai Ko (“Tiny Times”), and Zhang Mo (“Bring Love Home 2014”) have all been arrested for drug use, Amber Kuo has been labeled as “possessed by the god of deterioration”. There are even users on the Internet who quip: “Please stay away from Lily*”. Julian Cheung, who will be starring opposite Amber Kuo in the upcoming film version of “Triumph in the Skies”, said on the 23rd: “This is not fair towards her. We have yet to meet for the time being, but I’m really looking forward to it.”


1. [+1,085] What is wrong [with these people]. Rather than pointing fingers and laying the blame here and there, why don’t they think about themselves? Those who are innocent, are innocent [even without explaining things to clear their name]; those who are rotten, are rotten [even if they endlessly make excuses for themselves]. If [these actors] really live cleanly, then naturally no one can force them [into being guilty for these crimes].

2. [+1,390] They wanted to use drugs and are now reaping what they’ve sown. What does this have anything to do with others? [One] should say that Amber Kuo deserves pity, her collaborators are all drug users.

3. [+952] Oh my God! It’s even possible to blame Amber Kuo [in a situation] like this? She isn’t the only one who has worked with those male stars. Going by this logic, then does it mean that the female stars who’ve worked with those male stars are all [possessed by the god of deterioration]. [If one] really goes with this kind of argument, then it is truly outrageous. Those who say this kind of thing really leave me at a loss for words.

4. [+638] Misconducts oneself and gets arrested for it, then shifts to the blame onto a female star? Some troublemakers just like to open their mouths and spew nonsense from their imaginations without ever thinking of the endless pain that they bring to others! Really, enough! No wonder some women of antiquity had such tragic endings.

5. [+491] Fails to live up to expectations oneself, [yet] puts the blame on someone else for going on the downfall, what kind of a human is this

6. [+689] I feel that out of the female leads in Tiny Times, Amber Kuo is the most striking and impressive

7. [+307] Don’t unjustly treat others for the mistakes committed by the male stars themselves.

8. [+606] A bunch of lunatics. A man commits an offense himself and doesn’t look for a reason within himself, instead [he] goes and pushes things onto a woman. Do you mean to say that they used drugs because Amber Kuo instigated them into it? Then [hypothetically] Amber Kuo is telling them to go die, so why is no one doing it?

9. [+1,070] These fans are disgusting. Their own idols abuse drugs and instead of letting their idols reflect [on their wrongdoings], they go around everyday madly shouting their support and run over here to blame others! Is it that Amber Kuo told them to abuse drugs? Or is it that Amber Kuo gifted them with drugs? That they have the guts to shout it’s somebody else’s fault, in my opinion those who say these things have problems with their character and values!

10. [+351] This has nothing to do with her. Other people abuse drugs, not as if she knows [about it].


* In the three Tiny Times films, Lily is the character played by Amber Kuo. She is the romantic interest of Gu Yuan, Kai Ko’s character.

- QQ

Translator: renn @


[OH!Snap] [Naver: KRN] ‘Music Core’ Orange Caramel, ‘Frozen’ Transformation..Elsa is Raina

On the 30th’s broadcast of MBC Music Core, Orange Caramel transformed into characters from the animation, “Frozen” for the performance of their song “My Copycat”. Raina was Elsa, Lizzy was Anna, and Nana transformed into Olaf.

[+3686, -148] Lizzy is Anna ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Cute!

[+2708, -114] So now articles even use TV screen (T/N: The replies to this comment are talking about how it must be this person’s first time using the internet, because articles have used screencaps since forever.)

[+2501, -223] I think Raina suits Elsa and Anna.

[+1931, -140] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Orange Caramel are cuteㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+1408, -50] More than this concept, I’m more amazed at the fact that they are a unit group [and not just a regular group].

[+231, -10] Orange Caramel’s coordis must have so much fun dressing them up. Must be nice ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+198, -14] Out of all the girl groups, I think their concepts are the most unique and interesting ㅋ

[+176, -22] Is Raina not cute, as well? Everyone says she’s ugly.

[+162, -11] They did ‘Frozen’? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As expected of Orange Caramel ㅋㅋㅋ

[+104, -9] Orange Caramel must have a lot of money! As they are using characters related to Walt Disney’s “Frozen” in a commercial fashion, they must have paid a lot to get the licenses for copyright…! If it’s an unauthorized use, they’ll be in big trouble!

- Naver

Translator: YOONGI @


[OH!Snap] [Naver: KRN] ‘We Got Married 4’ Wooyoung - Park Seyoung, Bold Skinship..headed to 19+ rating?

On today’s brodcast of MBC We Got Married 4, Park Se Young washed Wooyoung’s back with cold water. Wooyoung screamed out, begging “Please stop!”, but water kept flowing down.

After this, Wooyoung made the laughter-inducing, 19+ comment, “It’s bedtime. Let’s spend a hot night together.”


[+9782, -647] Wooyoung’s girlfriend must hate this.

[+6045, -214] As a man, those might be his sincere feelings…ㅋㅋ…

[+4955, -444] That must be scripted, as well…

[+3095, -445] Cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+2619, -620] Sweet ♥♥♥♥♥♥

[+591, -82] Wooyoung came out energetically today, and Seyoung-ssi shouldn’t pretend to be all shy. Try and practice once then come back.

[+358, -19] Honestly, when celebrities film dramas there are many times when they start to develop feelings and date eachother. When you have a program like this where you can date in public, feelings can also develop. Is it really something that can only happen in private?

[+438, -147] These kids’ skinship ㅋㅋ I think they’re really dating ㅋㅋ They look more genuine than the other couples ㅋ

[+386, -113] I think these kids are really dating?

[+301, -51] Wow, so sweet! Their acting has improved a lot!

- Naver

Translator: YOONGI @


[OH!Snap] [Naver: KRN] Roommate Season 2 planned

[+7279, -94] With these members you can’t publish anything besides information. Clearly, it’s the production crew’s incompetence. The point (of the show) is meant to be fun, but that isn’t it, with the Satanic editor one by one bringing them into criticism..

[+6015, -132] Ending it would be the right answer

[+5062, -356] Just finishing the show would be the right answer, just Jo Seho is pitiful

[+4156, -101] After a while this programme will just want anybody

[+3818, -65] Wow they’re really all leaving one by one ㅎㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

[+424, -13] Just a different and better programme would be better. Why hasn’t this been cut?

[+415, -20] Chanyeol-ah you too should leave, right now, please

- Naver

translator: lunaandartemis @


[OH!Snap] [Yahoo:JPN] YG Family concert attracted 35,000 fans in Shanghai, China

On the 30th, the Shanghai stadium was filled with 35,000 excited fans who gathered to see YG Family’s first China concert: “YG FAMILY 2014 GALAXY TOUR: POWER IN SHANGHAI.”

2NE1 were the first to appear, performing their songs “Fire”, “Come Back Home” from the album “Crush”. Epic High were next on stage with “Fly”, “With You”, “Love love love”. Rookie group WINNER continued on with “Go Up”, “Smile” and “Again”. Big Bang were next, performing “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby” dressed in gold outfits.

When group performances were over, YG family collaboration stages were next. CL and G-Dragon transformed “THE BADDEST FEMALE” into “THE BADDEST MALE”, Seungri sang G-Dragon’s solo “Crayon” in a comical way. WINNER’s Song Min Ho and Dara performed T.O.P’s “Doom Da Da” and EPIK HIGH together with Taeyang performed “Eyes, Nose, Lips”.

PSY’s, 2NE1’s , Big Bang’s individual stages were next. PSY performed “Gangnam Style”, “Right now”, “Gentleman” and “Champion”. PSY was followed by 2NE1, performing “I am the best”, “Scream” and “Can’t nobody” The concert was coming to an ended with Big Bang performing “Tonight”, “Feeling”, “Hands Up”, “Lies” and “Heaven”.

The entire YG family appeared on stage for a curtain-call performance. YG Family performed 2NE1’s “Go Away”, Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” and PSY’s “Gangnam Style”. The concert ended in a huge success.
YG Family will then move on to Singapore on Sept 13 and 14, Beijing on Oct 19, and Taiwan on Oct 25 for the “YG FAMILY 2014 GALAXY TOUR.”


[+26, -6] More importantly, what’s the weather tomorrow?

[+7, - 2] News about 35000 patients? It’s a shame…

[+13, -2] Okay, okay, don’t come to Japan

[+13, -4] Not interested.

[+3] Pig

[+3, -1] It’s enough to look at the article to get infected with Hwabyeong (a mental illness which arises when people are unable to confront their anger as a result of unfair conditions)

- Yahoo

Translated by Sunny_ @


[OH!Snap] [QQ: CHN] HQ: Qi Wei and Lee Seunghyun announce news of marriage, “wedding expressions photo package” revealed

On the morning of August 25th, through Weibo, Qi Wei announced the news of her marriage to Korean-American Lee Seunghyun. The couple also showed a variety of playful expressions in a wedding photo package. Their wedding, to be attended by their families and friends, will take place on September 8th at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.


1. [+20,683] I feel that [they are] quite a perfectly matched couple, wishing the best for you two

2. [+7,658] Be happy, Seventh Older Brother*!

3. [+6,013] It’d be even more perfect had there been photos of both of them together, wishing you two happiness.

4. [+6,192] [I’ve] always really liked Qi Wei, the goddess of my heart, [and I’ve] always been thinking about how handsome a man must be to be worthy of you. Looking at things now, you have a very good eye [for men]. The man is talented, the woman is beautiful, very well-matched. Hope that you two will remain a devoted couple until the very end and love each other forever.

5. [+3,143] So romantic!

6. [+3,037] No matter what, so long as it’s a marriage, it’s always a happy event. [One] can only send blessings!

7. [+4,215] The woman is stupefyingly beautiful, the man is super handsome, am I right? I love Qi Wei so much, wishing [you] happiness and more happiness! Please support [them]

8. [+4,978] Perhaps this is [what they call] fate. [Two] people who are right for each other are able to arrive at a fruitful outcome very quickly.

9. [+3,309] Wishing that the two of them will remain a devoted couple until the very end and be forever happy!

10. [+2,959] I’ve always felt like this female celebrity bought out a large number of fans. I honestly don’t find her to be on the level of a goddess. Her voice even sounds like [that of] an old grandma’s. In the entertainment industry, do those who stole their lovers [from others] all like to make things so high-profile like this? It’s also very obvious that she’s wearing circle lenses in her wedding photos. The above is my personal opinion, whether or not there are others who also feel this way I don’t know! If you don’t like [what I’ve said] don’t curse at me, especially those who use money to boost and cheer for her!


* Qi Wei has an affectionate nickname: 七哥 (literally “seventh older brother”). “Seven” (pronounced “qi”) plays off of her surname Qi and “older brother” comes from her forthright extroverted personality and personal “harem” of fellow female stars.

- QQ

Translator: renn @


白安 (Ann) - 若你真的有想過 (If You Ever Thought) MV

Popu Lady - Just Say It Official MV

[OH!Snap] [Yahoo!: JPN] AKB48’s Kawaei Rina & Iriyama Anna continue to take a rest from handshake events

On August 30th, AKB48’s Kawaei Rina (19) and Iriyama Anna (18) did not attend the group’s national handshake event for their 36th single “Labrador Retriever”. AKB48’s official blog announced their absence on the 29th and explained it was due to the two recovering from their injuries from a previous handshake event.

The two members suffered injuries on May 25th after being assaulted with a saw at the group’s national handshake event in Iwate. AKB48 resumed handshake activities on July 5th, but Iriyama and Kawaei did not participate. The duo has already returned to the stage, but they have yet to return to the realm of handshake events.

It has been announced that the group will be having handshake events for their 37th single “Kokoro no Placard” on August 31st, November 3rd, January 4th, and February 7th. Iriyama and Kawaei will not be participating and once they decide that they are able to attend again their the company will announce it.

[+2584, -239] I think that’s a good idea.

[+2226, -228] It’s not easy to forget a traumatizing experience like that. That goes for other members participating in the event as well.

[+2166, -272] It can’t be helped that their absent from the event. I even understand why, but their agency should really think a bit more about saying they’re ‘recovering from an injury’ and then having them appear on TV shows at the same time…

[+693, -86] Even though after this the girls are going to announce that they’re “doing fine!”, the adults really need to watch over them properly.

[+608, -72] They were probably really scared when all of this happened, so I think it’s probably good that they’re not participating. We’re in no rush.

[+555, -73] Even though we thought the girls were ‘fine’, it probably brings back all of those awful memories when they’re in a crowded room surrounded by so many people. If we’re really thinking about the girls, then shouldn’t it be okay for the agency and fans to wait a little? Well, I don’t like the AKB business anyway.

[+496, -76] If it were me I wouldn’t want to do handshake events anymore and I would leave the group. But, I think there’s still a lot more activities these 2 can do in AKB. They’re probably still experiencing a lot of terror due to the previous event, so I think it’s better if they don’t discuss handshake events with them for a while.

[+456, -50] I think it’s good that they’re not participating in handshake events right now. And not just for this event, I think it’s good if they’re absent for the next one as well. Someone else also said this, but I agree, I don’t think it’s easy to just recover from something traumatic like that.

[+368, -39] The main injury is a mental one. They’ve been given proper care, but this takes time. Just because they say they want to forget about it, doesn’t mean they can. Maybe it’s good if they never participate in the handshake events again? Oh and what about the staff member who went and protected the two of them? I wonder how he’s doing?

[+330, -19] To be honest if I were in their same position I would be so traumatized. I wouldn’t want to be asked to participate in a handshake event even a year later.

- Yahoo

Translated by: Kanki @